January 20, 2011


"I'm living in a cruel world
a big bad cruel world
with no real friends...
... yet with real enemies"

That wasn't a quote from Shakespeare or someone else
(even I have no idea who's Shakespeare really is :p )
it's made by me. yes me.
actuallly I'm not living in that cruel world but I might have to worry because longer and looonger, people are getting evil and more evil.
ha ha ha no! I'm just kidding. I just say it in a little exaggerated way :)
anyway, had you ever think that everyone around you are sincerely love you ooor really hate you?
I don't know why do people pretending to hate someone :|

but the fact is I've found someone 'loves me' but the fact is:
"I have no other friend, would you be my pal? I swear I'm gonna be nice and friendly... after I found one"- it says
pathetic isn't it? ha ha

so, I advise you to.....
start to check your people
I'm not teaching you to be a suspicious person but yeah you have to be cautious.
even though I think it's literally fine to have all kinds of friends as long as it doesn't trap you in danger (okay, remind me to stop talking exaggeratedly -_- )

Oh yeah, I also have a frequently problem. actually, not mine.
Ehm, sometime I wonder why do my friends feel so confused about their boyFs.
"He loves me, he loves me not...?
He loves me, or should I kick his ass...?
He loves me, or should I kill myself....?"
confused? ok.
not do the simple thing
: "he loves me? hmm, I think he's not. I'll find the other guys then"

hard? yes.

but you'll never know until you try.

we're young, we're strong, why don't we just move on?


want more?


see ya !

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