March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

In my local time, it's about 6 hours to go to Eath Hour 2011!! soooooo exciteeeeeeed :D
I've participate on 2009 and 2010 and it's kinda pleasure for me joining this action. this is the easiest way to save the earth: turn off the lamp.
now Earth Hour 60 become Earth Hour 60+
it means you are not only turn off the lamp but also the unused electronic stuff.

and this is what I'm gonna saying:

March 23, 2011



I got this from someone's Tumblr

omfg this is waay too sad! :(

Boy:Baby, we need to talk.
Girl:Ricardo, what do you mean?
Boy:Something has come up...
Girl:What? What's wrong? Is it bad?
Boy:I don't want to hurt you, baby.
Girl:*Thinks* Oh my God, I hope he doesn't break up with me... I love him so much.
Boy:Baby, are you there?
Girl:Yeah, I'm here. What is so important?
Boy:I'm not sure if I should say it..
Girl:Well, you already brought it up, so please just tell me.
Boy:I'm leaving..
Girl:Baby, what are you talking about? I don't want you to leave me, I love you.
Boy:Not like that, I mean I'm moving far away.
Girl:Why? All of your family lives over here.
Boy:Well, my father is sending me away to a boarding school far away.
Girl:I can't believe this.
Father:(Picks up the other phone, interrupts & yells furiously) ERICA! What did I tell you about talking to boys?! Get off the damn phone! (And hangs up)
Boy:Wow, your father sounds really mad.
Girl:You know how he gets, but anyways, I don't want you to go.
Boy:Would you run away with me?
Girl:Baby, you know I would, I would do anything for you, but I can't... You don't know what would happen if I did. My dad would kill me!
Boy:*Sad* It's okay.. I understand, I guess..
Girl:*Thinking* I can't believe what's going on.
Boy:I need to give you something tonight, because I am leaving on flight 1-80 in the morning, so I need to see you now.
Girl:Okay, I will sneak out & meet you at the park.
Boy:Okay, I'll meet you there in 20 minutes.
(They meet at a nearby park, they both hug each other. And he gives her a note.)
Boy:Here you go, this is for you. I gotta go.
Girl:*Tear* (Begins to cry.)
Boy:Baby, don't cry, you know I love you... But I have to go.
Girl:Okay (Begins to walk away.)
(They both go back home. And Erica begins to read the letter he gave her)
It says...
You probably already know that I'm leaving, I knew this would be better if I wrote a letter explaining the truth about how much I care about you. The truth is, is that I never loved you, I hated you so much, you are my bitch and don't you ever forget that. I never cared about you, and never wanted to talk to you, and be around you. You really have no clue how much I hate you. Now that I'm leaving I thought you should know that I hate you, bitch. You never did the right thing, and you were never there. I didn't think I could hate someone as much as I hate you. And I never want to see you, for the rest of my life, I will never miss kissing you like before, I never want to cuddle up, how we used to. I will not miss you and that's a promise. You never had my love, and I want you to remember that. Bitch, you keep this letter because this may be the last thing you have from me. Fuck, I hate you so much. I will not talk to you soon bitch... Goodbye.
- Ricardo"
( Erica begins to cry, she throws the paper in the garbage & cries for hours. )
... A day passes, she is sad, depressed and she feels so lonely... Then she gets a phone call....
Friend:How are you feeling?
Girl:I just cant believe this happened.. I thought he loved me.
Friend:Oh, about that. Ricardo left me a message. A few days ago. He told me to tell you to look in your jacket pocket or something...
Girl:Umm.. okay.
(She finds a piece of paper in the jacket.)
It says:
"Baby I hope you find this before you read my letter. I knew your dad might read it, so I switched a few words...
Hate = Love
Never = Always
Bitch = Baby
Will not = will
.... I hope you didn't take that seriously because I love you with all my heart, and it was so hard to let you go thats why I wanted you to run away with me... -Ricardo"
Girl:Oh my God! It's a letter.. Ricardo does love me! He must of slipped it into my pocket when he hugged me. I can't believe how stupid I am!
( Erica turns the TV on. )
[Breaking news]
"An airplane has crashed. Over 47 young boys died, we are still searching for survivors... This is a tragedy we will never forget, this plane was flight 1-80... it was on its way to an all boys boarding school..." the Reporter says.
( She turns off the t.v. ... 3 days later, she kills herself, because of the fact that Ricardo was dead & she had nothing to live for... )
... A day after that the phone rings. Nobody answers. It was Ricardo, he called to leave a message. "Its Ricardo, I guess you're not home so, I called to let you know that I'm alive, I missed my flight because I had to see you one last time. So, I hope your not worried. I am staying for good.

March 22, 2011

Meet my new kid!

Her name is Suci. She is five and half a-year-old. Since five y.o, she has been diagnosed for having Leukimia. I met her at RSKD, Slipi, West Jakarta. tried to be volunteer by @YPKAI_C3 's tweets which brought me there. I had been there twice, and the second meeting I just discovered that before she's as well as now, she got the disease that made her can't walk (I forget what it's called). being touched, I wanna spread it for you. so you can help them, try to reduce their suffer.
because they surely have something to fought. their live.

just came by, fully dressed. she stays at the hospital for twice a month. She's originally from Wonosobo (I love her Javanese accent ;) ). her mother and she rent a house to live. but she prefer stay at the shelter house--near the hospital.
she loves coloring

the doll I gave
By the way, I bought this environment friendly bag at grocery shop. it's simple, but I think it's cute.

March 20, 2011


It's a (guilty) pleasure for having about a week off school. because all of the 12 graders are having their school-final test *good luck!*. anyway, since I've got nothing to do but eat, I decided to do something useful. yep, I found this yarn, I don't know what kind of yarn is it but I was using it to make a necklace combined with colorful felt and buttons.
I bought the yarn in a big roll (it's sold in a big roll each) and it has much residual. so, I make some accessories like bracelets and necklace. and my favorite is:


It's made using scissor (of course!), super sticky double tape, yarn I've mentioned, used mineral water bottle (liter sized), and two different bottle caps (color and brand, also the size he he :p )
It's up to you what do you wanna say but the truth is I LOVE and I'm proud of my self and for every single thing I made. you know what? it's fun to learn something new without any references. for me, it's called: EXPERIMENT. no, EXPERIENCE :)