March 20, 2011


It's a (guilty) pleasure for having about a week off school. because all of the 12 graders are having their school-final test *good luck!*. anyway, since I've got nothing to do but eat, I decided to do something useful. yep, I found this yarn, I don't know what kind of yarn is it but I was using it to make a necklace combined with colorful felt and buttons.
I bought the yarn in a big roll (it's sold in a big roll each) and it has much residual. so, I make some accessories like bracelets and necklace. and my favorite is:


It's made using scissor (of course!), super sticky double tape, yarn I've mentioned, used mineral water bottle (liter sized), and two different bottle caps (color and brand, also the size he he :p )
It's up to you what do you wanna say but the truth is I LOVE and I'm proud of my self and for every single thing I made. you know what? it's fun to learn something new without any references. for me, it's called: EXPERIMENT. no, EXPERIENCE :)

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