February 17, 2011

iVent :#

now I'm @ Griya Puspa, Rumah Sakit Persahabatan (friendship hospital LOL). no kidding. I used to say that funny epithet when my mom still got cured at this Hospital. you may be wondering why am I got here now. it's an answerable question. yes, someone is getting hospitalized here. and he's...
my dad.
It's a confusing incident.

here's the story going:
Yesterday morning, my dad and I as usual, went to school and went work. at the night before, my dad pack his suitcase. he said that the suitcase (including the cloths, ofcourse) was for his needed at Bogor (my dad goes to outsider city for job business). so we-me and fam- thought that well yeah, he'd stay at Bogor.
but then today, after school. as soon i got home, my sister told me that my father is being hospitalized since last night. if you were me, you'll be terribly shocked.
because my mom is dead and umm... by chance, my elder-and-the only-sister is having semester holiday or something, finally she went here (hospital) to take care of my dad. and since I got here, I just got to know that my father just had done a surgery. to take the stones over his bile. oh God -___-

pheew... I'd been speechless for a while and now................... I'm just asking for your prayers all for my dad's health :)
okay this is the end of this whatsoever post *I love to tell where my posts be ended*
so see ya :)
*huge hug*


ARIO ACHDA said...

hey, thx for blogwalking ya. smoga papany cpt sembuh dan ceria lg brg2 kluarga :)

Novita Destiana said...

thx for your prayer. I really appreciate it :)