March 22, 2011

Meet my new kid!

Her name is Suci. She is five and half a-year-old. Since five y.o, she has been diagnosed for having Leukimia. I met her at RSKD, Slipi, West Jakarta. tried to be volunteer by @YPKAI_C3 's tweets which brought me there. I had been there twice, and the second meeting I just discovered that before she's as well as now, she got the disease that made her can't walk (I forget what it's called). being touched, I wanna spread it for you. so you can help them, try to reduce their suffer.
because they surely have something to fought. their live.

just came by, fully dressed. she stays at the hospital for twice a month. She's originally from Wonosobo (I love her Javanese accent ;) ). her mother and she rent a house to live. but she prefer stay at the shelter house--near the hospital.
she loves coloring

the doll I gave
By the way, I bought this environment friendly bag at grocery shop. it's simple, but I think it's cute.

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